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Monday, 15 June 2009 08:15

Test your Spot the Difference skills.

Up to the challenge? it's easy - you just have to look at each picture and find which things in them are different. I have an easy one, a not so easy one and hard one for you.

Answers are right at the bottom - but no peeking until you spot them all!




Find 6 things that are different 


spot the difference not so hard

sport the difference medium


Find 8 things that are different 


 spot the difference hard

spot the difference hard_2


Find 13 things that are different 














1 Bird in sky

2 Ball on top of watering can

3 Butterfly

4 Rake

5 Spade

6 Flowers


Not so easy

1 Reindeer reversed in frame on wall

2 Candy cane in stocking

3 Spanner missing from Santa belt

4 Gingerbread moved up on wall

5 Bears buttons changed

6 Ho Ho Ho changed to Ha Ha Ha

7 Cat poop

8 Elf next to bear missing an ear



1 Small bird on wall has two heads

2 Large bird on wall has done poop

3 Man has more hair, moustache

4 Baby has eyebrows and moustache

5 Baby has elf ears

6 Man’s glasses are green

7 Hot dog behind chair

8 Hat on toy dinosaur

9 Cow print on chair next to man’s face is girl’s silhouette

10 Shark shadow on man’s trouser leg near knee

11 Spider under table

12 Candy cane on man’s sleeve

13 Middle button missing from man’s shirt


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